This is the personal web page of Joe Mistachkin.

I have a strong preference for information reuse; therefore, instead of duplicating its content here, please refer to my page on the Tcl/Tk wiki.

This is also the company web page for Mistachkin Systems.

I can be reached via email by concatenating the following strings, in order:

  1. My first name.
  2. The @ symbol.
  3. My last name.
  4. The string .com.

There are no other public email addresses for me.

Please use my OpenPGP key for messages that require security.

The fingerprint of the key should match the following:

         887E 5CBE D749 FDD9 D386  6213 7EA3 72D0 8FE1 130A

The SHA-1 hash of the downloaded key file should match the following:


I can also be reached via telephone at the number associated with this domain.

Unfortunately, the WHOIS database now appears to be completely useless for obtaining domain contact information.

Therefore, as an alternative reverse Turing test, please visit the Eagle Live Language Demonstration and follow the directions contained in snippet #11.

In general, this may be necessary under the following conditions:

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